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Robert Abela's Chief Of Staff Will Have More Power Than Keith Schembri

Clyde Caruana has confirmed that he will hold on to his position as Robert Abela’s chief of staff despite being co-opted into parliament last week.

The Prime Minister's chief of staff is historically one of the most powerful individuals within government.

Having a chief of staff who also serves as a member of parliament is a wholly unprecedented situation in Malta.

In an interview with the Malta Independent Caruana denied that occupying such a post while also being an MP is a conflict of interest.

Asked whether he would feel the need to hold back from criticising the government, given the position he holds, he said that constructive criticism is part of his job.

Keith Schembri, Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff in the previous administration, was criticised for having “too much power” with Labour minister Evarist Bartolo testifying that his influence on cabinet was “disproportionate and wrong”.


Do you think Clyde Caruana will have too much influence by occupying both roles ?

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