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Yorgen Fenech's Lawyers Insist He's Being "Framed"

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Yorgen Fenech’s defence team have claimed that their client is part of a vicious frame-up by “a liar”, who “bought” a presidential pardon.

Defence team lawyer Charles Mercieca said in a court sitting on Wednesday that :

Murder middleman Melvin Theuma's pardon was negotiated and bought with the consent of former police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar;

Theuma paid €17,000 for the presidential pardon.

Theuma was coached on how to testify on the witness stand and told what to say ;

”The thing that hurts the most is that Fenech is still in prison. This is a case orchestrated by a liar to frame Yorgen Fenech.”

Mercieca said in a plea to the court.


Do you believe Yorgen Fenech should be granted bail, as his lawyers are insisting ? Let us know

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